Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Slow Down Or Piss Off

Sunset on Crystal Mountain
If you have ever been to where I live. Then you know it's full of natural beauty. There are over a million acres of forest land here. We have mountains, rivers, beautiful lakes, caves, and more trees than you could dream of. You can't forget the trails! There are hiking trails, biking trails, and ATV trails. You could even ride these trails on horse back. Some still ride these trails by covered wagons. I personally know someone who does this. With several of his friends. It's a Tree Huggers paradise. Nature loving to the extreme. Mostly I feel at home in all the natural beauty.
Why people make jokes about incest, and hillbillies when they think about here is beyond me? But I have a sense of humor so I roll with it. Are there dumb asses that live here? Sure! Are there dumb asses that live where you live? Um you bet your ass. We are just a small southern state. Mostly small town southern people. We are nice folks. We do things different than most. So maybe that's why we get made fun of? Oh, and the fact are known for starting Wal*Mart.
A few days ago I was on my way home, and I have to go up, and down Crystal Mountain. Crystal Mountain is lovely. They view is amazing. You can even go inside it, and dig for crystals to keep. It can be a fun drive for some as it is a narrow curvy road. Many love to take this route on a motorcycle. It's part of a scenic route that bikes take all the time to get a good bike ride to get and eye full. You see lots of Harley's, and Honda GoldWing's just cruising along slowly looking around. The view is amazing, and at sunset it is breath taking. This road however SUCKS if you drive a tractor trailer. Just ask my husband. He has been doing it for years, and I hear all about it.
So as I was coming up Crystal Mountain I was behind a cow pot full of cows. I was talking to my hubby, and I started to complain as the driver slowed down to 25 going up Crystal Mountain. My hubby quickly told me to "cut him some slack! If he was doing 25 he was doing good. My chicken truck would only do it at 15 to 20. My current piece of shit truck takes it at 10". Hearing it from my hubby made me realize what these drivers go through. I heard it from my hubby a thousand times. But until right then behind that cow pot I guess I didn't really get how bad it sucked. I listened when he told me, but you know it all didn't really sink in.
They climb these mountains with their foot to the floor, giving that tractor hell, giving it all it's got, pulling between 80,000-85,000 pounds of freight. All they get is between 10-25 miles per hour. Sure the speed limit is still 55. Then you pile in the nice curvy roads too. It's not straight up or down around here. No! It's twisting, and turning let's get your brakes smoking hot kinda roads around here. So you got people tailgating them pist off panties in a bunch because they are in a hurry. The whole we got places to go people to see approach. They ride the trucks tail in a hurry thinking that the driver is driving slow on purpose. Ya okay they are driving 20 up a mountain, because they like looking in the mirror, and seeing you all pissed off on the no passing lane. Ya that's it. NOT! They have a load of hot freight they are hauling, and a time it has to be there. They don't have time to take there time, and play petty games. If you ever take the time to get to know a trucker they are all "on time" why? Hot freight. It's all about freight being on time. That is what they are paid to do.
I have not met a mean, or nasty truck driver yet in my day. I have met hundreds. They are the nicest, kindest down to earth folks you would ever know. Just give them a chance. Think about it a minute when you drive, and get pist off at "stupid drivers" they deal with that every day, day in, and day out. Their jobs count on them not having accidents, and getting no citations. So they are always having to be careful! Then it's their job to be careful with a truck load of cargo. How stressful is that? Pretty stressful? Just ask a trucker sometime...............
So as I was driving behind that cow pot going 20 I backed off, and cut him some slack. I thought you know what I'm not in a hurry. I got nothing to do at home anyways, but dishes. So I will enjoy the view. So I was enjoying my nice slow stroll, and didn't mind the slow pace. When this motorcycle comes up behind me. He is pist of at our 20 mile pace. Even more so he is pist off at the no passing zone on the curvy twisty roads. So he is pist off! I can tell so in my rearview mirror. He is getting closer, and closer to my bumper. Then he would back away a bit, then he would get real close again. He did this about 6 times. So finally we come to the slight straight stretch, and it has a passing zone. So I knew what he was going to do, and before I knew it he was flying around me. But he didn't have time to pass the truck because there was a pickup coming in the opposite direction. So then there he was riding the cow pots bumper. I knew in my mind. On no that is a BAD IDEA!!!! Before I could say to my daughter that such was a bad idea a cow took a piss in the very back of the trailer. The wind caught it, and it went all over that guy on the motorcycle. As he was riding inches from the trailers bumper.
My daughter, and I laughed so hard we almost peed! We soon came to a turn, and that bike flew around that truck like a bad out of hell. I told my daughter "I hope he had somewhere important to go, and now he smells like pee". Not to mention where this happened he is a good 30 minute ride to any civilization. Hahaha
So this is just proof folks slow down or piss off! And cut those truckers some slack while your at it!
I could get lost in this view....my favorite time of day sunset.

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