Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love is Love it's Not a Sandwich

So what will it be for you?
Remember being a kid, and you enjoyed a good PB&J? Or maybe you fancied a Bologna sandwich? Remember that sense of accomplishment you felt when you where old enough to make your own sandwich? You where hot stuff then. Ya you didn't need help. Didn't have to ask Mom, or Dad or your older siblings to make it for you when you where hungry. You could just waltz in there, and make your own sandwich. Ya that was living buddy! Or where you one of those kids that you could make a sandwich you had the know how you just didn't? You still asked for help. You still asked your Mom, Dad, or older siblings to do it. Maybe your Mom or Dad made a better sandwich? Maybe they could smear the peanut butter on all perfect just like you like it? Or maybe, just maybe you where lazy? It was easy to be all 'but I'm to little to make my own sandwich'? Ahh common on think about it! Think about it people! I admit I was a little of both. When no one was around, and my ass was hungry you bet your ass I made my own sandwich. But yet when someone was around, usually my second oldest sister I was all "but I cannnnnn't I'm tooooooo lidddle" as I was watching Fraggle Rock. Little? Whatever! Busy was more like it! Or lazy?
You get a little older, and you find your self eating different sandwiches. Maybe you graduated up to a grilled cheese or two by now. But being a little kid you eat allot of sandwiches. As a snack at home, at school for lunch, at a friends house, and sometimes fancy ones for dinner. At this point in your life boys, and girls still have cooties, and all you care to do is play outside. Your bike is still awesome, and Kick The Can is amazing. You get pist off when you can't go to the lake, and camping. You feel as though your life will end. Your Mom, and Dad are still cool. And you like spending time with them. You are probably known as the douche bag the older Chili Cheese Fries, and Bacon Cheeseburger eating older siblings. But life is good. Everyone is going to be policemen, firefighters, soldiers, doctors, and lawyers when they grow up.
Then pretty soon Dad talks you into trying a bacon cheeseburger with Miracle Whip, lettuce, and tomatoes, you like it. He tells you ate a grown up sandwich, and says job well done.You are getting boobs, and the boys are noticing at school. You are not sure you care? Then next thing you know you are getting your first kiss, and things are all uphill from there. More new foods come, and go. More boyfriends come, and go. Your parents are all the sudden so bitchy. All these rules! Man when did they get so bitchy? They didn't used to be this way? You just want to do what you want to do damn it! Maybe some of you where still sitting around being 'good kids'. Letting your parents do everything for you? Ya there still where some of those types. Maybe you where one eating a cheeseburger one day, a PB&J the next, then ham & cheese, then roast beef . Maybe you where really daring, and on the same day ate a roast beef, and ham & cheese both. In the same day. I knew some people who did this. Boy did the rumors start about those kids! And behind theirs backs the kids called them sandwich whores. One girl ate a foot long for cigarettes. That had the high school hopping for weeks!
Now your in your early adulthood, and can you live your life without a sandwich? Can your ass even cook? Or did you ever learn to broaden your horizon to learn that there is more to life than just a PB&J? Or do you think that you must have a sandwich everyday to function? Just like when you where say 5? That to pay your bills you need to eat a sandwich? To sleep a night you need a sandwich? To be in good health better eat sandwich! To have fun I have to have a sandwich in the house at all times! Oh no my car broke down I better eat a sandwich or it won't get fixed. My toilet is leaking let me eat a sandwich, and then it will be all fixed. I feel all sad gotta eat me a sandwich. My life isn't complete without a sandwich in it.
Next your question is? What kind? Roast beef? PB&J, Ham& Cheese, Grille Cheese, Salami on Rye, Tuna on a Pita, a Panini, a Club, oh the selections are endless! There is a sandwich for every tastebud, and if you go to the right kind of sandwich shop, and talk sweet they will customize it. Sometimes you are left hoping that after you get home that sandwich will taste as hoped, and will it satisfy your hunger? Maybe it did or didn't last time? Will it this time? Will it always taste the same to you? Will your sandwich always be there when you are hungry? Or will your best friend sneak in your fridge, and eat it? Maybe you are one of those people who really don't like tuna fish but you eat it any way because you think it's good for you, and it compliments your healthy lifestyle. You know you rather, have the ham, and honestly it wouldn't give you the shits everyday. Or maybe soup would be your solution? At least until your butt heals. Yet still day after day you eat your tuna fish, and as your friends say "look at you eating all healthy" you smile, go home shit, and cry. Then get up put some cream on your ass to cover the scars, and go back for more. All because tuna looks good, and ham is boring and salty even though if you ate it you would be feel better, and be happy.
Then there are some who like me who ate so many damn sandwiches as a kid they are not my favorite. I ate enough Bologna to choke a village. I ate so many PB&J's I told myself that no one was ever going to force me to eat one ever again. I would only eat one on my terms only! I also told myself I could care less if I ate Bologna again. So as I became an adult I was first confused by love. I at first thought I needed love, and a sandwich to survive. It didn't take me long to realize I didn't need either. They BOTH where childhood comforts of mine. I didn't need either to survive. I didn't need a man to live. Nor must I eat a sandwich for lunch everyday. I needed my own strong will to live.
So then in my early twenties after an abusive relationship that lasted about three years to long I go it all right. I filed a Protection From Abusive Order from that man, and I have never looked back. I then lived many years single. Learning to be independent. I picked it up. My daughter was very small then. I decided then I would raise her to be an independent women, and any kids I had there after would be raised the same. No one should believe they NEED a man or a women to get along in life. Because then what happens is we settle. We just grab the first sandwich that comes along. Maybe it's the cheapest, or what we think we should be eating. Or when one sandwich moves out we move a new one right back in. And we love this one ohhhh so much! And the next, and the next, next, next.
With the divorce rates what they are in the US it time to get serious on taking love serious. Life isn't about money, it's not about material BS, and what this sandwich can do for you. Love is a complicated thing. It's not as simple as when you get divorced as soon as your alimony is over your automatically are in love again. Coincidence? Because you where stocking the sandwich shops before the divorce was final. Tsk tsk tsk tsk! Love is patient, and love is kind. So then why are you in such a hurry, and so pist off?
Life doesn't require one always like sandwiches. Some are happy eating bratwursts, or toilet paper, or how about just eating a sweet potato all alone? Happily ever after.

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