Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Not Vanity It's Confidence

My hair changes all the time. I can't keep it the same. The style. The color. It changes all the time. I have over 10 colors of eyeshadow in my makeup case. I change that allot too. Lipstick, and eyeliner you guessed it. I have been a blonde, a brunette, a red head, and anything in between. Including eggplant, blue, pink, fire engine red, turquoise, yellow, and once purple. I have wore my hair to my ass, to one inch all over. I've had extensions before. Sometimes I say fuck it, and wear a hat. I have allot of those too. Clothes, shoes, and jewelry? I won't talk about those! That is where the man side of me kicks in. I own 6 colors of the same style T Shirt.
Some call this vanity. I call it keeping my confidence alive. When you get sick like I have it strips so much of your independence away. You can't do so many things we once could. Most of us can't work. If you can still work your abilities are greatly reduced. We spend days in bed. Days in the house. We spend days watching others live life when all we can do is watch. We watch from a window, a video, a picture, or a computer screen. We miss out on allot of  things. Things we long to do. We deal with the rejection of doctors, friends, family, and some even rejection from their spouses or partners.
Who wouldn't that make feel ugly? We feel ugly to the core sometimes. Our bodies are failing us. Our friends are slowly stepping out. Our families are douche bags. They don't understand what happened to the 'old' us. We feel like shit that we can't be Super Mom to our kids. That we are not Sexxy Hotty to our partners. So we sit here, and ask ourselves 'what are we going to do next'? Well me being the hairdresser I was for many years knows how keeping up your appearance can make you feel good. I myself seen it a million times. I used to help people feel pretty, and handsome everyday. Now mind you pretty is different to everyone. So don't judge! Hot to one man is also different to many too. So don't judge that either. Do only what works for you. Fuck any one else. You are what you got to worry about. No one else. Why do you care about all the fucktards that shit on you all these years anyways. Make yourself happy. If its hot to you work it. Nothing is more sexy than confidence anyways.
If you want pink hair do it. If being a simple brunette makes you feel beautiful do it. If lots of makeup does it for you do it! Tattoos, piercings, and weird clothes do it! Or if you are happy in your Sunday Best do it! If you see a chick in line at the store with a 100 tattoos think twice before you say "omg that is nasty, what was she thinking?" I have many, and I'm a Suzy Homemaker as any Plain Jane. I also have many friends with full sleeves, and many piercings. We don't do drugs. Or party. We have play dates, and BBQ's all that normal shit. We are just artsy fartsy, and a little weird. Listen to different music. Same goes for a Plain Jane. Don't judge her either. My best friend thinks women are so hot plain. He is turned off my allot of hair color, and make up. I know some full blown crack heads go to church every Sunday. Wear a dress looking all whatever. You never know. Looks can deceive! So worry about you, and what makes you happy.
Don't judge a women's weight. Some people like thick women. I know several. Some men like thin women. So women like big women. Who are we to judge what gets others all excited in the bedroom?  I know what excites me, and mine. I don't have the brain cells to worry how others get their slaps, and tickles off. So what? If you are happy. Cool. Don't push your views on others. Never assume that everyone has to be just like you. It takes a allot people make this world go round. If it was all meant to be the same we would all be the same color, act all the same, and there wouldn't be different cilments. Foods, illnesses, books, or cool blogs like mine to follow.
So do what ever makes you feel better. To feel pretty. To feel handsome, whatever. It will keep the depression at bay.  Don't let illness take away everything! And think twice about saying mean shit about ones looks! Think about farting rainbows, and kitties.

It's not vanity. It's looking after yourself.

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