Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My New Website

Hi you all! I have worked hard on creating my own website I would like if you all would please visit my site! Pretty please. Despite trying to transfer all my readers to the new site I still am getting about 200 page views a month. I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But that's 200 I don't want to miss. Now it might be 200 different people or 1 person viewing my blog 200 different times ;). But I don't want to miss a chance to help anyone. So for now I have chosen to list my posts on both sites. I have went back, and posted all the old content this far on this site for your enjoyment. But please do visit my new website I put much more effort into that site, and your won't regret it if you do. :) At this time I chosen to not have search engines point to this site per say, but I will leave it open to the readers that just so happen to keep finding it. But please do hope on over to the new site. Please. I hope you all are as well as well can be! And you all are finding chances to laugh. Because hey what do we have left? Live life people!

Cheers, and pass the TP!

Come see me at http://www.illnesssucksfindfunny.com
I have a chronic illness. It SUCKS but I find the funny!

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