Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 3 A Poem For You! Bear

Tonight on day 3 I am going to post a poem. I wrote this soon after my Dad died. I had forgotten about it. You see I write poetry allot, and write it on anything I can find. So I often find them later. Forgotten about, and sometimes are a sweet surprise. Often they are half finished, and I will finish them. In my house I have about 20 spiral notebooks. It's crazy. I will loose one, and get another. Then write stuff, and lose that one. Repeat. Repeat. You throw in the fact that my kids too all have these spiral notebooks too. Ya crazy. At the beginning of the school year I buy about 30 of them when they are a dime. So it's to convenient to just say "oh well get another". Ya well that is how I lose so many things I write! I'm still fairly old school, and write allot things in pencil, or pen. Especially my poetry. Because it always comes to me so random. Don't ever ask me to write a poem planned. Probably won't happen. I have been saying that I am going to put a poetry section on my blog. Well here is poem #1. It needed finding I guess. Especially right now in a rough time in my life. And that day too. I had to go shopping, and ya that is hard for me. Not only how am I going to feed my whole family on my tight budget? Can I stand that long? Will my kids behave? Will there be sales? If I feel bad will there be a wheelchair? So it's stressful. So I needed to find that poem. That day when I just went to get a notebook to make a grocery list. Like my Dad telling me things will be okay! I remember how hard writing this was for me. As I don't normally write them that rhyme so much. LOL
Today I'm thankful for
my kids
my ability to help other sick people through my writing
spell checker
ice water
A strong man with fists of steel.
You didn't take my crap, and didn't tell me how you feel.
You kept me in line, but you let me heal.
You where strong, firm, and mean. Hell you had to be.
Because I raised hell, and chaos. No one could make me see.
You had the strength of many. Maybe three?
You understood me, and didn't take my crap. You knew the deal.
Always told the truth never lied. You kept it real.
You waited so patient until........
I figured it out, and learned my own way. Nothing is ever free.
The School Of Hard Knocks is where I found my key.
It's you I thank. Because of you I am me.
To your friends you where a tough guy they called Bear.
Not to me. Just a regular guy who always said "take care".
A man despite all my shit was always there.
I respect you, and thanks for giving me a little shove.
Thanks for teaching me that I deserved unconditional love.
Now I know you are someplace high above.
A golden Harley you ride. The exhaust I hear everywhere.
A long white beard, and your beautiful silver hair.
No worries, so carefree. Surrounded by so many that care.
For making me a women you can be proud. You where such a good Dad.
Losing you has been so hard, and sure makes me sad.
You are with me everyday. I have your memory, and for that I am glad!

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