Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Fire Hole, EDS, and POTS

You have heard me say how challenging it can be living with a chronic illness. If you have a chronic illness yourself you know how it is. You throw in something like a stomach virus, and I get hit with a freaking blizzard. Holy Crap Batman. My oldest 2 woke up puking, and also the 7 year old. I thought okay. They all stayed home from school. They had stuff coming from both ends. I ran to the store to get some meds, and making for homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.

I thought 'man I hope I don't get this!' I go about my day. A couple hours later the hubby, and I are in a thrift store, and it hit. My guts started grumbling, and growling. Then there was the I have to fart, but I'm scared to. I might poop myself fear. So I ran to find a restroom. Oh Dude they better have one! They did whew, ans let the fire hole begin. They didn't even have soap. Ewwwwww! I have these little portable soap sheets in my purse for such occasions. Go figure my shoulder was giving me fits so I ditched my 10lb  pharmacy, and emergency surplus at home. Damn must wash properly when I get home! At least they had decent TP. On a real roll. Not the giant roll of you can never get enough 1 ply. Then off to get my son. I hope that doesn't hit on my way home in the car! Guess I do have this virus? Damn Fire Hole.

Then a song came into my head. The massive Green Apple Splatters, and I wanna sing? How does that work?

Great. Just great. A virus on top of my normal sick. Double suck. Triple suck. Suck to the infinity. It's never simple with me. It's never just take Pepto, and it's done. NOOOOOO! There is always can you take that with that? Can I eat that because of my migraines? Does that have lactose in it? Does this react with my other meds? Am I allergic to that? Will it cause tachycardia? Drowsiness? Hype me up when it shouldn't. Never just as easy as shit ten times a day folks. Nope. Never. Okay. At least I buy good TP, and have soap!

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